31 definitions by DarkNova

Hey, that bitch jacked my shitm took it straight from my locker.
by DarkNova December 12, 2001
your girlfriend or boyfriend
Tha piece ova dere, he's mine.
by DarkNova December 12, 2001
See gully
by DarkNova December 07, 2001
see popo
by DarkNova April 15, 2002
An assertion, usually used with yes or ya to emphasize some point made.
Person A: Didja see that fight on the corner? That chick got stomped, that's brutal.
Person B: Ya damn skippy that shit was brutal, I think the whole block stomped her ass.
by DarkNova December 14, 2001
to get wild with something
You know when I party, I get sick with it!
by DarkNova December 18, 2001
a man well endowed man
He's so hung, we call him tripod.
by DarkNova April 15, 2002

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