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I member bein in high skool where niggaz used to run the freshman's pockets.
by DarkNova December 12, 2001
It's the guy or chick that gets so bombed after a party he or she sleeps on your couch and when you wake up, that person's still there even though you didnt ask them to stay.
Last party I went to, they had a coucher and when I woek up, he stole some soda.
by DarkNova November 28, 2001
When you somebody wakes you up and you know you ain't had enough sleep yet cause everything is all blurry and stuff doesn't make sense yet.
I wuz sleepin on the train and some bitch bumped into me and when she said sorry i ain't understand her cause i wuz half-woke.
by DarkNova December 08, 2001
Making money, so much its only hundreds.
This new job I got, I'll be big facin' by the end of the week!
by DarkNova November 21, 2001
Shifty, underhanded, like the actions of a gangster.
They was serving free food at the spot, and this one guy took all the hot wings and some plate's too...

That's gangsta
by DarkNova December 06, 2001
Butt, Ass, Booty
DID you see the fatty on him? Talk about bootylicious...
by DarkNova November 19, 2001
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