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The act of cunniligus (female oral sex) on an untrimmed forrest like vagina
Alina and Joy were feeling lonely one night so Alina offered some oral services. Little did she know that Joy hadn't shaved in over a month and therefore Alina would now be fur bombing.
by DarkDoodler January 12, 2011
A cosmetic procedure to tighten and restore a stretched out aging vagina, usually caused by multiple gang bangs with black men, aggressive vaginal fisting, sexual relations with donkeys, hiding soda cans, animal surrogacy, construction cones, or child birth.
After retiring from her strenuous career as a surrogate donkey mother, Shvenda's vagina looked like an empty Olympic sized swimming pool. She decided to treat herself to a Vaguvenation and restore her vagina back to standard 10 year old size.
by DarkDoodler March 27, 2011
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