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A narcissist is someone who is in love with themselves, so a partcissist is someone who is in love with a part of their own body. The most common forms are men who are infatuated with their own genitals and women (often singers/actors) who love their boobs or butt so much they constantly show it off in photos or even go so far as to sing songs about their own body parts and how great they are.
Nicki Minaj's song "Anaconda" is 4 minutes of her bragging about how awesome her butt is. What a partcissist!
by DarkBass November 07, 2014
First you poop, then you wipe your butt, but then you suddenly realize you have to poop some more, and then you wipe your butt again. This may be repeated as many times as necessary. When you're done, the layers of poop and toilet paper resemble the layers of fruit and yogurt in a parfait.
Dude 1: Why were you taking so long in the bathroom?
Dude 2: Sorry bud, I was making a toilet parfait.
by DarkBass March 11, 2012
This is a widely misunderstood fetish. Basically it is a fetish where one gets turned on by watching people blow bubbles. The fetishist may hoard tapes, DVDs, and/or recordings that include scenes where the characters blow bubbles; look up videos on YouTube of people blowing bubbles, and/or beg people they know to blow bubbles when they realize the other person is chewing gum. Sometimes the fetishist is into blowing bubbles himself (or herself, but 9 times out of 10 it's guys that have this fetish). Often the same person also has balloon fetish, where they get turned on by watching people blow up balloons, and/or inflatable fetish, where they get turned on by watching people blow up--well, anything inflatable. Sad to say, most of these people have no life.
Guy #1: "Dude, why are you spacing out?"
Guy #2: "That hot chick over there's blowin' bubbles."
Guy #1: "You and your gum fetish." (rolls eyes)
by DarkBass September 03, 2008
What users have to use in place of >_< or <_< on sites with really crummy filters that perceive said smilies as HTML errors.
User #1: I wish this site had better filtering. >_>
User #2: yeah >_____> i hear ya
by DarkBass September 20, 2008

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