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What the name of a search engine would be if owned by Snoop-Dogg.
Googizzle fo-shizzle is da hizzle. Fo sheeeeeezy?
by Dark6 October 04, 2005
Root words noob, newb, and noob.

1. The native language of the noobs.
2. A person of noob ancestry.
. Im sorry what did you say? I don't speak noobanese.
. Hey guyz im new, can ihave free itemss? kthnx!
. omgwtf, lag.
. Bullshhit fuckin cheater hax mother bitch hax0r newb.
by Dark6 August 30, 2005
1. The scientific study of the origin, history, and structure of newbs, noobs, and n00bs.
2. A book on noobs.

Origin: Hopkin High School, MN
In the back of biology class.
One rule of noobology is everyone is a noob except yourself.
by Dark6 August 30, 2005
1. Used as a noun, referring to beans of hatred.
2. Used as a noun, reversing the effect of the phrase "cool beans"
3. Used as a noun, referring to an object covered in hate.
1. I eat hate beans for breakfast.
2. Jeff676: Dude I got a headshot, cool beans!
AlexKilla22: Hate Beans >:(
3. This server is just smuthered in hate beans.
by Dark6 August 30, 2005

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