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Westbury is a diverse town in nassau county, long island. The town is divided into two sides by post ave. North is prodominately black and hispanic in a middle to lower class neighborhood students here go to Westbury High school and the south is middle to upper class caucasions and the students go to Clarke High school. There is a good amount of crime that goes undetected in North as well as New Cassell Ranging from robberies,Prostitution, drug trafficking, and illegal weapons. Not to many Murders take place but dosent mean it wont occur. And the reason the area is like that is because the Police in Nassau County are over compensated to patrol the neighborhoods. New York City Police get paid around 40,000 starting in neighborhoods which crime rate definately more signifcant where as a cop in nassau county will get paid roughly 60,000 starting to roam to streets and look away while someone screams out to them. Westbury is one of those video game towns that never existed but dosent mean that its a bad place to live just means that its has its ups and downs so be warned.

oh and were also the home of mims the rapper but....thats another story
by Dark eezy September 03, 2009

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