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the act of igniting the string opf a tampon while it is hanging out of a woman's vagina.
when the tide is high on the Red River, it's best to first set off a bolivian firecracker
by Dark Twain November 23, 2004
of a conservative bent. A blanket statement for things, issues, or persons relevant to American conservatism
Fox News, the Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan, The Republican Party would all fall under the umbrella of conservatavia.
by Dark Twain February 02, 2012
along with mcgreevey, a term describing a random gay guy, or an epithet referring to the people of New Jersey
Hey, douchebag! Quit being so mcgreevish!
Don't change lanes without signaling, you stupid mcgreevey
by Dark Twain November 23, 2004

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