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3 definitions by Dark Overlord

pronounced (JAIR-uhss)

1. The most gorgeous male first name in the entire universe. Individuals that possess this name as a first name are often multi-faceted, forward-thinking, charming, hilarious, tall, attractive, talented, athletic, intellectual, articulate, passionate, musically-inclined, and confident.

2. American male first name derived from the biblical name "Jairus" which means "My light, who diffuses light".
Jeruss is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! I'd gladly let him shower me with his milk of spermesia.
by Dark Overlord February 03, 2010
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A mouth where, even at rest or during a state of neutral emotion, it appears to be smiling.

The corners of the mouth always seem to be at least slightly higher than the mid-line ("equator") of the lips like you're either partially smiling/smirking or are ABOUT to smile/smirk...

A lot of times this condition is accompanied by dimples...
Gina Carano appears to have a case of happy mouth. It makes sense since she is one of the best fighters in the world and one of the hottest fighters in the world. Palabra.
by Dark Overlord March 03, 2012
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Potent male seed. The name is derived from the antacid medication "Milk of Magnesia" due to the similar color and consistency. Officially coined by Jeruss in 2009. Jizz. Man chowder. Semen.
Jeruss is the originator of the term milk of spermesia. Women rarely enjoy it when my milk of spermesia lands in their hair. She's an avid consumer of milk of spermesia.
by Dark Overlord February 02, 2010
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