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A creamy delicious alcoholic beverage a tad stronger than Sex on the Beach.
Dan: I told you I'd have Hot Sex on the Beach..
Jim: I should never have doubted you. *Snort* Dis shitt iss tha bomb! *Chuckle*
by Dark One August 10, 2003
The literal definition that everyone else seems to have completely ignored is "to be covered or soaked with liquid, such as water." It does not have to involve ejaculation, vaginal secretion, or any such thing as that.
Since Jenny refused to dry off after taking a shower, she walked around soak n wet for a while.
by Dark One August 12, 2003
1. Greatness of size, magnitude.

2. The Beat-Blasting sequel to Frequency. Amplitude is a kickass game for Playstation 2 where Freqs can fly little spaceships called beatblasters along a road in the sky, blasting note patterns and releasing sonic energy into the air to create the separate tracks of a song. After completing two measures of a track (ie: drums), one can move over to the next track to play two measures of it (ie: bass) and continue this pattern until the song is complete. Amplitude, which can also be played online, is much more sophisticated and professional-looking than Frequency.
1. The amplitude of the mountain was greater than any I'd ever seen.

Dark One: Amplitude is so kickass!
Ichigo: I know! It's awesome.
Dark One: Hey, I've got this new remix I want you to hear!
by Dark One August 11, 2003
1. A small, round, juicy, red fruit with a brown stem.

2. A representation of a female's hymen; their virginity.
1. I picked a fresh cherry off the tree and gleefully pulled it from its stem, using my teeth.

2. After fifteen years of abstinence, Liz finally let someone pop her cherry.
by Dark One August 10, 2003
With all possible strength and power.
He ran and, with full force, slammed his opponent through the brick wall he had rested on.
by Dark One August 10, 2003

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