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2 definitions by Dark Master87

Definition 1- the study of tyranny

Definition 2- the study of evil power

Word Origin- Dynamalogy is a word I created with a day's worth of time looking at lists of word prefixes and suffixes, so it will be impossible to find it anywhere else unless me or my friends post it on other websites.

Citation- The Word Within a Word books/website/online lists
Ivan the Terrible was a practitioner of dynamalogy.
In wars between evil and good, dynamalogy is often the cause.
by Dark Master87 June 05, 2009
A generic term for long range fatal advances. IE: archery, spear throwing, tomahawk throwing, cannons, guns, crossbow, missile firing
The soldiers in the back mainly fight with methods of telecide.

In the battle of Agencourt, the English defeated the French because of their telecidal advancement of the longbow.

The technology of nuclear missiles provides armies the advantage of telecide.
by Dark Master87 June 05, 2009