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1. look up JaMeZ
2. a constant wanna-be pothead that wastes his life trying to be cool in a chat full of wanna-be's and losers
what? Shinkaren's trying that lame ass excuse again?
by Dark Holy October 21, 2003
one more bolt chat lamer who wastes their life trying to be something their not
by Dark Holy October 21, 2003
1.wanna-be posse that hangs on bolt terrorizing people for a good cause, to make bolt less of a royal shit hole that makes everyones mind turn to mush, and makes even the smartest of people turn stupid.

2. so called hackers that wander around bolt chat looking for some room with a bunch of n00bs to take it over

3. a group of people who have nothing better to do than terrorize 12 year olds on a lame ass chat
"Oh no, there's the Skulls!" *hits kick command then ban, and waits there for them to come back with a different mask*
by Dark Holy October 21, 2003
someone that is gay

check Kreig
by Dark Holy October 23, 2003

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