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Cicada is a multi-powder, ground from the finest Milo beans from the forests of Bangalore. It is available in all good Supermarkets, Service Stations and Coffee making facilities.

Cicada now comes with 50% more taste, half the calories and twice the fun! Thats right, 2 times more fun. Our dedicated scientific team has poured their time and effort to bringing you the most delicious Milo Beans in their most natural state, via 15 separate processing steps. You needn't worry about that though, just sit back and let the party in your mouth begin with Cicada.

Cicada, due to it's immense popularity has become a cheap addiction of many members of society, with the Cicada Research Development Team (CRDT)TM attempting to increase it's addictive properties but up to 66% in the near future.

Deemed by some as a 'miracle drug', Cicada can:
- increases shoe size for men, and decreases it for women
- attack cellulite
- assists you with getting an erection (males mainly), whilst being a cheaper alternative to viagra
- improves dexterity for quicker sms replies
- reduce Telstra txts to half a cent
- can assist with poker skills, fraud and using clown suits
- reduces heartburn whilst increasing ur attractiveness by 46%
- pumps enough blood to both your head and your penis (males mainly)
- increases ur pickup lines success rate by 134%
- gets red wine out of white shirts, or lipstick
- answers the door to annoying Jehovah’s witnesses for you!
- be used as an alternative for petrol

With the assistance of fair trade policies, globalisation and panda bears, Cicada is looking to expand it's operations worldwide within the next 8 to 12 days
"I tried Cicada and it changed my life forever" - God
by Dark Electric May 30, 2008
Tech-Trance is a sub-genre within Electronic Dance Music that draws upon the Techno and Trance genres as the name suggests. Tech-Trance focuses more on the Techno elements, incorporates traditional elements of Techno, with its repetitive nature and strong 4/4 beat, while deriving the melodic elements from Trance. Tech-Trance compositions tend to have a tempo of around 135-150 Beats per minute. Tech-Trance tends to utilize a more driving sound while commonly using distortion as an effect on the melodies. Commonly, the melody containing strings and pads will begin once the beat has completely stopped, playing by itself much like a Trance breakdown. This melody will suddenly stop, leaving the drums and a completely different synth to begin, whereas Trance songs would generally continue with the same melody. The synths are short, repetitive and contain less note changes than Trance, often having the same note played in an interesting sequence. For an example, see Sam Sharp's "Deep".

While breakdowns and builds within a song are important elements of many electronic genres, they are less prevalent in Tech-Trance. As a result, more abrupt stops and starts are used to increase the effect of sudden changes within the music. Vocals are also quite rare within the Tech-Trance genre, with only short phrases or single words normally incorporated. Tech-Trance is currently quite an underground genre, but is growing in popularity due to its hard-edged nature and growing list of producers.
Mark Sherry produces Tech-Trance under his Outburst alias
by Dark Electric February 10, 2008
A male German DJ and Producer, real name Frank Zenker, known for his distinctive Hard Trance producions, including O (Overdrive), R (Rock!), F (Future Is Now) and remixes of Cosmic Gate's Firewire and Thomas Rubin's Cold Night. More recently he has started producing a more Tech Trance sound. He also produces under the alias of TOCS and Arome.
DJ Scot Project played as awesome set at Kryal Castle for Ultraworld 2006
by Dark Electric February 10, 2008
The result of a drunk male attempting to insult another male on a Saturday night. The 'skin' part was due to the insultee weighing less than the insulter (a logical way to put someone down), the 'fuck' element used as it is always used in insults.
"...ahhhh, you're such a skinfuck!"
by Dark Electric July 16, 2008
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