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1. A n00b that decides to form a small group or team comprised of other n00bs in a Frequently Used Program.

2. A group or team of n00bs that has fused with another group or team of n00bs.

3. A n00b that joins a group of players and fucks up their plans.
1. n00b: Team up and pwn the other guys?
Other player: Stupid fhewsinfup! You guys don't even know how to fire!

2. n00b: Let's team! We can outnumber the others!
Other player: Keep killing the fhewsinfup. He'll give up and we'll pwn the n00bs.

3. n00b: Hey guys! I'm new here lol. Can I join your team?
Other players: STFU fhewsinfup! You're going to fuck up our l33t plan!
by Dark Ball YE October 28, 2006

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