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Stupid term made up by nerds and super-geeks that modifies the expression lol (laughing out loud). It usually is used in games such as Cabal Online and Last Chaos.
Example 1:
Ronnie-pink- I'm a stupid nerd that writes lolaz instead of lol.

Me- Get a life dude.

Example 2:(Don't use it too much)

Me: Hi.

ronnie-pink: lolaz.

Me: What's up? ^^

ronnie-pink: lolaz.

Me: Is this a awnsering machine?

ronnie-pink: lolaz.

Me: DIE!.

ronnie-pink: lolaz.

Me: If you say "lolaz." you're gay. (hehe >:D)

ronnie-pink: lolaz.
by Dark Angell July 02, 2009

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