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To use extra camera's in an away stadium to gain an unfair competitive advantage. Mainly an NFL coach who cheats.
Knowledgeable unbiased man: "That coach in New England is a Belicheat and should have had to forfeit games."
by Darin O December 29, 2007
One who loves Umphrey's Mcgee like they would/do their own kid
Kid: Those 3 dudes from Ashwaubenon sure are Umphreaks.
by Darin O December 29, 2007
A Variation of a High Five, excluding the thumb, making it a High Four (and Favre is now the replacement for anything dealing with the word Four. Ex. Nintendo sixtyfavre, One, two three, favre, five) Therefore by the process of substitution, the High Four becomes a High Favre.
After Brett Favre breaks another record or makes an incredible play:

Cheesehead: High Favre!!!!
by Darin O December 29, 2007

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