14 definitions by Darin

guy = male
goo = ejaculate
Betty: "I want to guzzle your guy goo!"
Joe: "Okay!"
by Darin September 21, 2005
Vaginal lubricant or cum.
Suzies pussy was wet with her kooze.
by Darin April 15, 2005
Teh uber pwnage slogan of teh SM. Is known to kill teh rice.
*SM lix MinesSkylineR34
*MinesSkyliner34 dies
by darin March 16, 2004
short for: moron. means itiot
you are a fucking morn.
by Darin August 03, 2004
Tacoma, Washington. U.S.A
Betty: "Where are you from?"
Joe: "T-Town"
Betty: "Oh, I'm sorry."
by Darin September 21, 2005
To punch someone one time so hard they do not punch back and or just give up fighting.
yoe dog; he was up in my grill all day long about leaving him at the party with that skanky hoe. I told him to step and he kept trippin so I had still on him.
by Darin March 26, 2004
Get high on drugs again.
It's been a 2 hours since my last joint. I think I'll re-up.
by Darin April 15, 2005

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