10 definitions by Daria

What a lot of comedians are Gilbert Gottfried and many of them are not CarrotTop
Beevis and Butthead went to the Laff Hole. Now THAT was funny!
by Daria May 21, 2004
A curse word meaning "what the hell" or "oh shit" or "idiot"
A whey di Bombaclaat gal put mi shoes.
Bombaclaat, look whey just happen
by Daria February 28, 2004

Daria is a very sexy and beautiful young women. she has brownish blondish hair up to her shoulders. she has honey brown eyes and she does have boobs shes not flat like rosalie, j/k .Some of her best friends r jenna,addie, iva, igor, marko, jeremy, riak and many more
You look almost as pretty as Daria but not quite, too bad!!
by daria July 10, 2004
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