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One time, when I was stoned,I figured out that if you type "sweet" with your fingers set one key to the right, you type "derry."
fs,m. yjrdr nrsyd str derry.
by Daren Ebacher November 25, 2004
What a girl does once a month.

A great student of the english language, and all its sounds and nuances once said that the most verbally beautiful phrase in the english language is "cellar door." Studying the english language in its current encarnation has led me to the conclusion that "buttketchup" is the single most verbally repulsive word/phrase.
Man, it be whack when my bitch be buttketchupin'.
by Daren Ebacher November 22, 2004
Dinobot (dinosaur autobot), stupid person on the internet.
Dat retardicon, he done said he did that whack shit, and he ain't even trippin'.
by Daren Ebacher November 22, 2004
Leader of the Autobots, Someone who is an unstoppable dynamo in a multiplayer game.
That fuggin' motha' fugga' neva' fuggin' DIES!!!!! AAAAAGGGGHHH!!!!!
by Daren Ebacher November 22, 2004

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