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In the act of sex, when the women takes her breasts and claps the erect johnson, once johnson has been clapped the lil yogurt spitter is then grinded in the booty,after which the "juice" is applied to the hands of the women,and *clap*
-Jesus! she made a huge mess with my clapper
-Man! did you see ground zero? huge mexican clapper scene
-she got a bit in my eye after the mexican clapper took place
by Daren Wessicks June 07, 2006
When a group of men ejaculate into a woman's face and the woman spreads it around to resemble a face mask
-Dude, my girlfriend makes the best facemask!
-When she was down on her knees,she was begging for a facemask.
-Did you see that girl, I think she forgot to wipe some of her finland facemask off.
by Daren Wessicks June 13, 2006
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