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From the movie "Jay and Silent Bob strike back" Means Donkey Penis.
I need to log on every day just to make sure you two arent taking a mouthfull of ASSCOCK to pay the rent.
by Darcy January 14, 2005
Adverb: To sing in the shower
Darcy and his friends were in the kitchen laughing themselves in to a frenzy, as Dan unwittingly sang a plumelody for the entire house to hear.
Incidentally, He was singing, "When I think of you I touch myself."
by Darcy March 15, 2005
Term used by a certain person when that certain person wishes to pertain feelings of consternation towards a subject
stop it! AR WAT!!!
by Darcy January 05, 2004
dude. a smart, pretty and quiet california girl . often spontaneously explodes, especially when assumed that she does not respond. great friend who knows how to have fun
Dude there's KT Y ....let's go get her autograph.
by Darcy April 26, 2005
darcy is a person who like persons who know persons that know other persons and these persons know darcy.
darcy is a person
by darcy April 16, 2004
A easy cyber girl that frequents nexopia in search of middle age men ;)
Australia Sara has struck again, leaving literally millions of satisfied customers...
In other news Mc Donalds is suing for use of their slogan.
by Darcy March 15, 2005

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