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Pleasing, agreeable, or enjoyable; giving pleasure. Socially acceptable or adept; polite
John: One is very cakee today.
Darby: Better watch it or the batter will fly!
by DarbyCrash March 03, 2009
The remedy needed to unload the holiday logs(s). A speacial tea designed to clean out your pipes.
Greg: "Darce, you should seen the size of the load that come out of me!"
Darce: "Wow, are you ok?"
Greg: "Yea, it was a simple 5 flusher. Poop Tea everytime!"
Darce: "Gotta get me some..."
by DarbyCrash December 27, 2011
A small city where empty individuals live, shop, drink coffee, gossip, screw, and create more off-spring to bring this planet to its knees.
Oh man, I went to visit my sister in Diego. Talk about a habitrail.
by DarbyCrash February 16, 2015

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