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A type of leather pants (usually worn by bikers) that are little hit and miss. Or rather, miss and hit. They're missing the ass, which allows that ass to be hit.
Dude: What's the deal with your pants? They seem to be missing the ass, for hitting the ass.
John: Oh, yeah, I love wearing assless chaps! C'mon smack that ass. Mooch Mooch.
Dude: Um, yeah starts running as fast as he can in the other direction.
by Darbers April 13, 2008
Pick or plec (guitar-style) used to (sadistically) play one's rectrum.
John: I was thinking of buying some assless chaps, and also a rectum plectrum. What do you think?
Dude: Uh, OK, dude starts running as fast as he can in the opposite direction.
by Darbers April 15, 2008
A momo or momosexual is a male that falls somewhere between a metrosexual and a homosexual. This is usually a metrosexual male that is yet to come out of the closet. Unlike a conventional metrosexual who cares about his appearance and hygiene, he does actually have homosexual tendencies (which he may or may not know about).
"Dude, wearing that pink sweater and baby blue wife beater at the Portsea Pub is really pushing your luck. The bogans aint going to like it. You are such a momosexual!"
by darbers June 06, 2006
A plural of rectum plectrum. Used for (sadistically) picking or plec'ing a collection of rectums. Usually as part of a multi-male circle jerk (2 or more).
John: Hey guys, I picked a pack of rectum plectrums from the local sado shop. You want in?
Dudes: Um, no thanks -- as they start running as fast as they can in the other direction.
by Darbers April 16, 2008
The "holy" trinity of a assless chaps, rectum plectrums and fistfesting.
John: I'm planning to get freaky on the weekend with a mellberg-triplet. Interesting in cumming?
Dude: Ah, hmmm, raiiight starts running as fast as he can in the opposite diretion
by Darbers April 15, 2008

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