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The almost always accident that occurs when after you pee and some of the left-over pee in your urethra drizzles down your pant legs: due to impatiences of not fully choking your peen,enough, after the act. This usually is an uncomfortable feeling that leaves you walking away from the bathroom/restroom in a sort of irregular step.
#1Mom: My son's underwears are always yellow. I think he has some sorta problem."
#2 Mom: Naw it's nothing out of the ordinary. Just Pant Puddle."
by Daravouchi October 09, 2013
A silent and seemingly minute fart that is instantanously smelt as soom as it leaves your buttcheeks. It has a lingering essence to it that can usually be smelled from clear across the room, house or classroom.
Dudette 1- "I was in Math yeterday and let an Atomic Toot loose, so bad, the class uproared in an EWWWww!" She wispered to her friend.
Dudette 2-"Remember how I got into that accident the other day?"
Dudette 1-"Yea, I remember. The one with your Mom." she replied.
Dudette 2-"Well, I let an Atomic Toot out so ferocious that it 'Did' Knock my Mom out!"
by Daravouchi October 11, 2013
Constant racing thoughts that keep you awake before you sleep. Usually caused by troubles, upcoming events or excitments that stalk your mind. Duration: approx. 1 hour.
Brian "Dude you look like you can carry a small load of grocerries in those bags underneath your eyes!"
Marko " I know. I know. I kept having presomnthesia last night!"
by Daravouchi November 24, 2013
Derivied From the Birth name of Rapper and R&B singer, P. Diddy :Sean Combs.

1st Definition-Someone who is so smooth, skilled in the art of Thug, has smooth style and consistantly at a state of Boss.
2nd Definition- Something that blends well together with ease and smoothness.
1st use- All around the villa they thought Joseph was a Combsination bescause they knew he could get away with killing a Judge in front of a Judge.
2nd use- Debano always has had a Combsination fashion sense.
by Daravouchi October 07, 2013
The serious conversation you bring up to your girlfriend/wife/fling about doing anal.
Debano " Listen. Babe. I got a Pooposition for you."

Beky" I'm listening."

Debano" If you allow us to experiment with back door penetration...I'll go shopping with you more..."

Beky" Alright! But we must use mass amounts of lube!"
by Daravouchi December 03, 2013
A synonymous term for condom. The term emphasizes that the sperm's flow is stopped and will not falter unless the 'Dam' is broken.
Alan-Dean " Dude! I'm scared that I might have gotten Beky Pregnant!"
Ray" Why? What happened man? Did your Cum Dam Break?"
by Daravouchi November 26, 2013
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