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A state of less than poor being in which, ramen noodles and red kool- aid are consumed as the primary source of nutrients. Government assistance is heavily required to sustain life.
My section 8 thanksgiving featured the best turkey sandwhich with no bread,ramen sprinkled with government cheese and some jackass bought melted red gummy bears as cranberry sauce substitute
by Daquan Smythe ,Ashley Garrett November 14, 2007
A super butch-dyke whom you would never know was a girl if you saw IT walking down the street. spottable by large baggy clothes (GAY)grills (GAY) . and freshly tightened corn rows ( MEGA GAY)
My friend tried to come out to me yesterday but i didnt beleive her so i told her to say something lesbionic and she replied..."HOME DEPOT".
by Daquan Smythe ,Ashley Garrett November 14, 2007

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