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When all is lost. You have lost everything. You are down and depressed and buried under ground mentally. The word that keeps you going "HOPE". Always hope for better things. Many people have told me hope can drive you insane...they can think what they want. I have found if you stay strong inside, you can get through anything.
A perfect example would be The Shawshank Redemption. Throughout, Red says Hope is terrible. It can make you insane. But Andy shows him in the end, as he escapes even though he has been through hell. He had hope in his heart during the darkest of times.

"Remember, HOPE is a good thing. Maybe the best of things. And no good thing ever dies"
by Dappa34 August 03, 2005
A certain time. Where you reminisce the good old days. When everything was easy. You didn't have any worries in the world. No bills, no debts, nothing. Something to look back to and think "Man, I miss them days". Going down nostalgia lane and reminiscing your school days maybe, or just aching for one last moment to visit your first girlfriends house, or the house where you grew up. The memories will never die. They will always remain in your heart.
In 'The Office', David Brent says to the Swindon lot, let's have a photo....without YOU. The Glory Days.....quoting, him, Tim, Dawn, Gareth...all the old crew, just remembering what a wonderful time they used to have.....keep hope!!
by Dappa34 August 11, 2005

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