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are you going?.....in jamaica
yogwan to da opera tonight young lady?
by danzil November 30, 2003
A wallet chain used as a weapon.
The kwasai completely tore that guy's face open.
by Danzil October 27, 2003
Applies to either a well-known cop or a cop known to plant shit. Plural: waekog'o.
Fuck! Waekog are here! Ditch the car!
by Danzil October 27, 2003
Any illegal event where people gather, like underground pit fights, dog fights, drag races, or sideshows. Literally 'hot place'.
Three people got arrested at our yogwan last night. You better watch your ass.
by Danzil October 27, 2003
Any rough part of town where people get fucked up at night, like the Bronx.
I'm representing my wabyong! Let's go fuck those bitches up!
by Danzil October 27, 2003
the second coolest person in the universe
"look,there is the mighty alpaca."
"in the shadow of the danzil"
by danzil November 29, 2003
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