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When someone, especially a non-jew, shows clear sexual preference toward the Jewish.
You think Anne Frank is hot? You just have Jewbonic Plague.
by Danz Ferdinand August 10, 2007
When someone, especially a white male, shows a clear sexual preference for ladies of Hispanic origin, especially Mexican.
Dude, Jennifer Lopez is not that hot you just have South of the Border Syndrome.
by Danz Ferdinand August 10, 2007
A gay man who goes out with another, most likely older, gay man in order to obtain their money and other things for free.
I ain't saying he's a glitter digger, but he ain't messing with no broke old gay guy.
by Danz Ferdinand January 15, 2008
an abbreviation of CRazy Ass Bitch Syndrome. a severe disorder in which men are involuntarily attracted to crazy ass bitches.
Danny: Dude, she tried to gouge your eyes out.
Scott: I can't help it, I've got C.R.A.B.S. hardcore.
by Danz Ferdinand January 15, 2008
a clear attraction to Indians. When someone is showing preference for Indian males it can be extended to Mahatma Gandhirhea, whereas preference for Indian females can be extended to Indira Gandhirhea.
Div: Oh my god, you guys Sanjay is so hot.
Me: Div you've just got Gandhirhea.
by Danz Ferdinand January 15, 2008
When two people are approaching one another at an undefined rate, high five one another without stopping forward movement, and then continue to walk in opposite directions. A portmanteau of drive by and high five.
Yeah, I just gave Becky a five-by in the hall. It was awesome... High Five!
by Danz Ferdinand August 10, 2007
The gay guy in the group of straight guys.
Dude 1: Is Patrick your black friend?
Dude 2: No, he's just our rainbro.
by Danz Ferdinand January 15, 2008
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