6 definitions by DanyaelDemonic

The invisible bond that's created between your ass and the couch after hitting some bomb ass weed
Danyael is so stoned, he's grown an assroot to the couch and can't get up
by DanyaelDemonic April 27, 2011
When a woman has enough yeast down there to brew a batch
Holy hell, stay away from Tiffany, she's got a beergina
by DanyaelDemonic February 20, 2015
When you're too poor to afford a vacuum cleaner so you have to sweep your carpets clean
"Bob is so poor I saw him blackuuming his carpets the other day"
by DanyaelDemonic November 23, 2011
Any douche who has more than he deserves, yet walks around bitching about how bad things are for him, like Kanye West
John is such a Kanyaniac. Dude has a nice house, nice wife, makes lots of money and still complains about how shitty things are for him
by DanyaelDemonic August 31, 2016
Slang for the "general public". Because most of the general public are dicks
I don't really care for the mainstream ideas, I'm not a member of the Genital Public.
by DanyaelDemonic February 18, 2015
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