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A hat specifically used to keep the Xbox Live headset to your ear while playing Halo 2 after the clip on it has broken and can no longer snap onto the headband. Mostly required due to the fact of poor design on Microsoft's part, why they made it in two parts is still a mystery. Thankfully they corrected their mistake with the 360 headset. Beanies work the best by far.
*signs on to Live*
*joins PPD's party*


PPD: *muffled noises*

OMK: What?

PPD: *Thump* Hang on man *Shhf* I gotta get my damn Halo Hat *Scrff*

OMK: Just buy a new mic dude...
by Danves September 09, 2006
Similar to oops, or whoops, in that you are taking note that you did something that deserves an oops like bumping into someone or knocking something over. Only oosp is used when you have either done an oops intentionally or after performing an oops, really don't care. It has more of a "damn, hahaha" attitude rather than an "aww, I'm sorry" one.
Oops situation - *knocks over a lamp* "Oops, I'm so sorry!"

Oosp situation - *knocks over a lamp* "Hah, oosp."
by Danves August 28, 2006
Developed by H20 Entertainment in 1997 and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64, Tetrisphere is possibly one of the best puzzle games of all time, and the best spin off of Tetris. It was also one of the N64's last games, which is why it is often overlooked. The game consists of spheres, obviously, and these spheres are covered with layers of differently shaped pieces. The goal is to arrange and remove pieces to get to the core, for various goals depending on the game mode. You are able to shift pieces around, and once 2 or more are aligned, you may "drop" a piece down to remove them. The gameplay is very fast paced and addictive. Perhaps even better than the game itself, is the amazing soundtrack composed by Niel D. Voss, that is sadly not available for sale anywhere.
Tetrisphere - The best game you've never played, with the best soundtrack you've never heard.

Me: "Since playing Tetrisphere, all other puzzle games are shit..... dog shit."
by Danves August 26, 2006
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