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1. Future Destroyers of America.
2. People who are screwing over our society.
1. Paris Hilton.
2. Silly Abercrombie shoppers.
3. Bimbos.
4. Dumb blondes.
5. Sluts.
6. Most likely you.
7. "Man that girl over there definitely needs to join the FDOA. Her boobs are hanging out of her Abercrombie shirt!"
by Dantina August 11, 2006
1. The acting of fucking.
1. "Everybody chinqwhop tonight."
2. "Oh man we got so close to chinqwhopin... but she threw up all over me so I had to go home."
by Dantina August 11, 2006
1. The cool stuff that comes out of the penis.

2. The compound liquid found in strip clubs and nude magazines.
1. "Hey look at that dew on Dude Nasty's face! I wonder what he was doin` last night."
2. "I bought these pants from a second hand store and they already had dew marks on them!"
by Dantina August 11, 2006

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