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Wax that you smear out over your balls to make them shinyer
Peter: Daniel, your balls are unshiny.
Daniel: I guess I need some ballwax
#ballfags #balltags #ballrags #ballsauce #milf
by Danthebloo May 15, 2008
A person who is so retarted that he makes other people retarted too. If you see a retardoholic you are obliged by law to kill him with a chainsaw. If you don't you die.
Peter: Im a retardoholic!
Daniel: Oh no! Me too!
Anders: Wrrrrm!! Wrrrrm!!
#retard #retards #fleetards #metards #seetard
by Danthebloo May 15, 2008
A word used by the lulu creaure, which lives in the minds of pretty girls called Kristine. Once you see one of these creatures you will be filled with joy and run around saying lululululu together with someone you care about.
Me: Hey Kristine!
Christina: Tnåååååååå!!! Now I can sleep well at night.
#lololol #lølølø #lilili #lalala #lelele
by Danthebloo May 13, 2008
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