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A word that is made up for some purpose and used so often, it's actually accepted as part of the vernacular, without much question.
"Come down before Halloween for our SPOOKTACULAR candy sale!"

Spooktacular would be the fauxword
by DanoNYC October 31, 2010
Affection shown based solely on one's inebriation
That woman at Nightcrawler's was all over you last night.
- Nah, she wasn't into me. She was just being drunkfectionate.
by DanoNYC November 03, 2010
Favoritism shown or patronage granted to a person or persons with impressive nipples
JD didn't hire LA for her brains or pouring skills.
It was pure nipotism.
by DanoNYC February 12, 2011
A person who is known to ruin the good time being had by others.

See funjack
It was a blast at Duff's Brooklyn tonight, with nary a funjacker in sight to put a damper on things
by DanoNYC June 24, 2011
Similar to a sycophant, a lickophant gets what she/he wants by orally pleasuring someone for personal gain
"That lickophant was so quick to get what she wanted, she didn't even bother with kneepads"
by DanoNYC September 19, 2011
The act of diminishing the fun time had by others, either by design or circumstance.

See also: funjacker and funjacked
I thought we'd never stop laughing, but then Dave's stupidity was a sudden funjack
by DanoNYC June 22, 2011

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