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Description of a (often average) food or beverage, artificially enhanced by the use of marijuana.
Fratboy: "Dude. This is the most stonedalicious toast I've ever eaten!"
by DanoNYC February 27, 2007
The act of getting wasted by drinking too many JagerBombs - a drink made by dropping a shot of Jagermeister into a glass of RedBull.
Dude, I went to Duff's Bar last night for a night cap and before I knew it, I was JagerBombed!
by DanoNYC May 07, 2009
Adjective to describe someone gets more attractive the more you drink.
See beer goggles and drunkfectionate
Kevin: "I had no idea she was so effing' hot !"
Dano: "She's not... she's drunkalicious"
by DanoNYC February 27, 2007
The act of getting extremely inebriated on Rumple Minze
I will never eat or drink ANYTHING peppermint flavored again... 27 shots left me Rumplefucked!
by DanoNYC May 07, 2009
-Used to describe being sandwiched between two stupid, cheap, drunk or otherwise undesirable people

Reference to Monopoly's first Community Chest space between Baltic and Mediterranean (the two cheapest properties)
When sitting at a bar and you're flanked by ugly people or losers on both sides: "How the hell did I become FirstChest?"
by DanoNYC September 30, 2009
Adjective to describe someone who is skilled enough to afford being lazy.

Literal sense: Be able to solve the problem without getting out of bed.
"Did you have to go into the office to fix the issue?"

"No. I stayed in bed and talked them through it while half asleep. I'm technically reclined like that"
by DanoNYC January 03, 2010
The ability to unintentionally and involuntarily attract nothing but douchebags.
"She turned out to be a loser too. I must be extra douchenetic this week or something."
by DanoNYC January 12, 2010

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