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One who likes to bang fat chicks. (Fat not PHat). Also know as a pig hunter, pig farmer, chocolatier.
Rob: Its not that she is just fucking some other guy right now and idont want in the middle, i will find new girls, i just wanne be friendswith her. Besides, theres a fat bitch in raymond i might nail soon.
Dan: Hey big girls need love too, I just never figured you 4 a plumper pumper!!!!
Rob: awwwww damn

by Dano3805 October 24, 2006
To de-moralize or humiliate someone by considering them less than a man, or not a "real" man
Some guy: dude im givin u 10 days to hit that bitch and if u dont ima pull your man card
Some other guy: aww fuck
by Dano3805 September 06, 2006
This means the same thing as a "Fuck Buddy" to some women
Random chick:I need a cuddle buddy tonight
Translation: come over to my house and fuck the shit out of me....NOW
by Dano3805 September 06, 2006

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