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The word "chillios" was first originated in the 1960's which obviously came from the word "chill" which then came from the word "ight", as in alright, ight's uncle.

Long story short, all of these words were in fact created by the Nyan Cat...the cat of all pink pop-tarts....which came from the word "retard" and that is why we are suffering from global warming
-Dave (text): Alright bro so im coming to pick you up in half an hour for the bank robbery, be ready !! >:)

-Marc (text): Chillios
by DannyRanDazzle May 22, 2011
It has been said that long, long ago, a young boy who was but only 9 years old, witness the gruesome and brutal murder of his beloved parents by the " Hell Hounds" an international street gang/mafia/bad guys...poor little boy found himself wondering on the lonely and terrifying streets.

When something....

Something unbelievable happened !!

A big black cat with a ninja mask and a scratch on it's left eye with gray spiky hair has taken that boy and desided to raise him like one of its own.

9 years have past since then...the young boy has finally become a man and has been taught and trained by the black cat which at the end made the boy become the first ever Cat Ninja, after that, the cat ninja swore that he will find the Hell Hounds and kill every last one of them.

...and so he did
Bad guy: Give me your money, jewelry and BBQ !

Civilian: Never ! because i've just called Cat Ninja :)

by DannyRanDazzle May 24, 2011
Chillios is an expression based on the word chill or even chillax but with a little more flavor added to it, you may say it has that extra pazazz that complets the word.

Like my old pappy used to say, "once you go chill you'll definitely go chillios...or die trying."
Exemple 1
- Marc: AAagghh sheeett fking fk shit !! i broke my leg...
- Bob : chillios bro...it's just a flesh wound

Exemple 2
- Marc: bro come help me smoke this orange kuch
- Bob : iight chillios :)
by DannyRanDazzle August 09, 2011

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