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4 definitions by Danny the girl

What teachers call you when they don't want to say you are a dumbass.
Your son, Jimmy, is a very, well, ...creative... boy.
by Danny the girl August 26, 2004
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a movie about a prostitute that had been raped as a child and abused. she grows fond to a naive teenage girl and they soon run away together. although she quits prostitution, she seems to have an uncontrollable rage to kill men that engage in prostitution acts. she is later sentenced to death, denying the teenage girl had nothing to do with it. their undying love remains even after her execution in 2002. based on a true story.
1. whoah...killer prostitute sex shows a teenage brunette fondling their tits.
by danny the girl April 05, 2005
187 131
1) being abundant of or bountiful of money
2) the state of sexual intercourse in which the female is the source.
3) having large upper portion of the body
1) Damn, that chick is loaded!
2) Damn, that chick is loaded!
3) Damn, that chick is loaded!
by Danny the girl August 26, 2004
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three words that don't mean shit. is always a lie if it is just used by itself. the only time it's for real is if that person says more to it.
"i love you"

"i love you. you make me feel so special. thanks for being there for me, man."
by danny the girl May 05, 2005
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