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when to have to pee and you cant so you tickle your but jsut above the crack and you'll go
i gotta pee but i cant

yo just pull a buttickle
by Danny Sway May 27, 2005
only the second best place in the world on the best of the best come from wisconsin
you gotta have bigg balls to be in a club and holla you from Port Edwards wisconsin
by Danny Sway May 27, 2005
gatman is 50 cent and robin is eminem if you dont belive look at the new 50 cent cd`
look who is on stage
gatman and robin
by Danny Sway April 19, 2005
its when you need to be so you tickle you butt to go
man i couldnt be so i had to pull a buttickle
by Danny Sway April 11, 2005
Every gang has a gang that they hate its your oppo gang oppo meanin' opposite
dude what cha doin today

Rollin on the pussys from our oppo gang
by Danny Sway July 03, 2005
a big penis and i dont mean ok i mean huge
wow danny sway has such a hagersloger
by Danny Sway April 11, 2005
all the stuff ja-rule dont have he is a poser
he got a 100 guns a 100 clips y dont i hear no shots
by Danny Sway April 28, 2005
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