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Based on the term "skeet", which is defined as the act of ejaculating on a partner after sex. Skeet slapping is the act of slapping a sheet, piece of clothing, or other absorbent material down on the skin that has been skeeted upon. The semen then acts as an adhesive, holding the material to the skin and leaving even bolder evidence of one's conquest.
"Man, she said she wouldn't swallow, so I busted a nut on her forehead and skeet-slapped her with my sock."
by Danny Seven October 24, 2004
Scientifically speaking, the labia majora. Also known as meat curtains.
Man, it took so long to get her panties off, I never thought I'd get through the hairy gates.
by Danny Seven November 10, 2004
A female who believes that she is exceptionally attractive or otherwise something worth aggressively pursuing, when in fact, she is very much average and on par with women one would meet on a daily basis. Based on the word ho, which in this context would refer to any female of breeding age.
"Marie acts like she's hot shit, but she's really just an everyday ho"
by Danny Seven October 24, 2004
Hella isn't a fucking word. It's the worst thing to come out of Northern California since great white sharks.
I just went to the liquor store and picked up hella thirty packs of summerfest, and I'm hella tryin' to drink them to my dome. I'm hella mashin through these.
by Danny Seven October 24, 2004
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