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The idea proposed by that asshat Ray Comfort that the banana proves God's existence.
"Behold! The Atheist's Nightmare! I have a banana! It proves God exists!"

"Behold! The Theist's Nightmare! I have a pineapple! It proves God doesn't exist!"
by Danny Salamander July 20, 2009
When a computer-savvy individual is not as skilled in one or more aspects of hacking, programming, or a certain operating system as they are otherwise expected to be.
"Dude, my MacBook is acting weird. Can you take a look at it?"
"Sorry, man. I don't do so well with Macs. It's a technallergy of mine."
"What? Do you break out in a rash or something?"
"Your mom breaks out in a rash."
by Danny Salamander June 11, 2009

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