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42 definitions by Danny Peterson

Another name for Alaska.
We're moving to Crapaska AGAIN!
by Danny Peterson January 09, 2004
3 9
The name of Pom Pom's pet dog.
He is very patriotic.
He feeds his dog trivia time everyday.
by Danny Peterson January 05, 2004
0 6
A teacher that will gleefully give you an A ++++++++++ FOREVER! If you say symbolism and/or society in a class discussion. It also helps to act like you give a care.
teacher: Tell us about this book....DANNY!
Danny: Well it has to do with symbolysim and uh, society.
teacher: It sounds like you give a care.
Danny: Oh I do, I do!
teacher: GLORIOUS! A++++++++++ FOREVER!
by Danny Peterson January 12, 2004
4 18
A word that can be used to pass advanced English class if used enough times.
teacher: so what does this book tell us about society?
student: Dude, it's like, symbolism, you know, sybolism, symbolism...uh...SYMBOLYSIM!
teacher: A+++++++++++++ FOREVER!
student: Dude, THAT is symbolim.
by Danny Peterson January 11, 2004
52 67
Those triangular-shaped brown baddies on mario that have no arms, legs, or hands, but they do have feet.
Those-a baddies kinda look-a like-a turd, eh-a Luigi? Lets-a go step on it.
by Danny Peterson January 05, 2004
31 47
A freak mutation between Dan Man and Seanyo San.
The two arose from the toxic waste facility, not as separate parties, but as one being; DANYO MAN!
by Danny Peterson January 22, 2004
0 17
The name of the Peterson's pet cat (until dad let it go stray right round near the animal auction).
Oh no, Boo peed on the red couches again!
by Danny Peterson January 26, 2004
14 33