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The goofy samurai, who was really the son of a farmer, in 'Seven Samurai'. In 'Hidden Fortress' he was a serious samurai. He was a terrific actor.
My favorite actor in Akira Kurosawa films is the goofy samurai.
by Danny Peterson January 09, 2004
A place where rednecks go to buy animals.
Do I have five! five dollars huaghlhslhlhxjaenhuvfhlkuhdchldefvljwbfjvhwlvwjv. I have five, do I have six six kjknskjcjnskksznvksnvkjdsnkjcsnvsnvnsjnv. Six dollars, going once, going twice SOLD, to redneck in the front row.
by Danny Peterson January 27, 2004
Chuck D's solo album.
If you don't know me, call me Mistachuck
by Danny Peterson February 02, 2004
A friendly conflict between two nerds.
I am also a nerd because I know about their fight.
by Danny Peterson January 10, 2004
To smear someone's face with snow.
How's DAT for a white warsh!
by Danny Peterson January 09, 2004
Another name for Alaska.
We're moving to Crapaska AGAIN!
by Danny Peterson January 09, 2004
A term used in the Public Enemy rap song 5,4,3,2,1, ..BOOM from their new album Revolverlution. A parody of 'Disney World'.
"Dizzy Whirls and Ni**erlodeons
in the ni**er time"
by Danny Peterson January 10, 2004

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