42 definitions by Danny Peterson

Former member of the 'Fugees'.
Where the Fugees at?
by Danny Peterson January 06, 2004
One of the funniest character on Homestarrunner.com.
"I guess I'm just not cut out to say the word 'Jorb':("
by Danny Peterson January 09, 2004
A former agent of Foxhound who likes cracking the necks of genome soldiers and spending endless hours talking on his codec.
I am Solid Snaaaake!
by Danny Peterson January 06, 2004
The rapper who forever changed the world of Hip-Hop.
"It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under."
by Danny Peterson January 09, 2004
A Mexican delight composed of Poop, Tortillas and authentic Mexican spices. It's sold at such stores as Bargin Bob's House of Feces and Taco Bell.
Let's go to Taco Bell, I got a hankerin' for a pooperin'! Um...burrito...in'.
by Danny Peterson January 10, 2004
My favorite film director. He often used the same actors in his films, such as the goofy samurai, and the wise samurai.
My favorite Akira Kurosawa movie is 'Seven Samurai'.
by Danny Peterson January 09, 2004
A snack that Homestarrunner loves spitting all over Strong Bad's basement.
It was not so long ago that I was in Strong Bad's basement, spitting Teddy Grahams all over the place, when one of em' got stuck in the ceiling...
by Danny Peterson January 27, 2004

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