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A. The "party" is over
B. A situation that is "fucked"
C. something that is over

Phrase coined by boxing referee Frank Cappuccino and frequently used my Danny Monaco and his entourage
A. Church is out man!

B. Church was out for the stoners that got caught by the cops.

C. Church is out for President Bush.
#church is out #man #party's over #danny monaco #frank cappuccino
by Danny Monaco January 20, 2009
Pronounced BUH-BON-YA: An Italian slang or street name for marijuana
1.Are you trying to smoke some papania tonight?

2. Yo man let's go pick up some papania!

3. That's some good papania.

4. I love papania
#papania #marijuana #pot #weed #dope #grass #mary jane
by Danny Monaco February 09, 2009
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