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this is an extreme laziness that is often brought on by sitting in a dark room for 3 months masterbatingn and watching various American comedies for every hour when you are not at work or doing something that is compulsory.
" i'd go into further detail about my illness doctor, but i seem to be suffering from Lethargia
by Danny McFudgehole April 30, 2009
the catching of an STD while performing Fetish sex using your feet to penetrate the Vagina, Anus, Mouth or any other orothis that could result in the feet andonly the feet having the spoken STD.
Ben "Singles night tonight..."
Tom "i hope i don't meet someone with a foot fetish, because i have Clungorrhea of the big toe..."
by Danny McFudgehole April 29, 2009
To tighten ones anus half way through an especially large turd, causing one half to fall into the toilet/bin, and to make the rest be forced back into the sphincter painfully.
" hello. ambulance please. i have just tried to do a banging shat and i have suffered third degree fudge-puckery..."
by Danny McFudgehole April 29, 2009
a cleman is an incredibly loose vagina or clitoris that has not been washed in at least a month. it is not so much used to describe the texture of the minge, but as to describe the rancid smell that it gives off after excessive masterbation.not that much different from the smell of a rotting fish.
"i know your tired, but i still want to have a bang on your cleman before i go to work."
by Danny McFudgehole April 29, 2009
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