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Used as a stereotypical insult Bashing the Following states: South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, New Orleans or Texas implicating the insultee is from 1 of said states.

Calling someone "Down South" is saying they live up to most if not all the southern stereotypes:
1.) Poor Dental Hygiene
2.) Does sexual things to/with own family members
3.) Mentally Challenged

4.) Ignorant people who hate homosexuals and people of other races who aren't of the same race.
5.) Use Ther' instead of there.

6.) Republicans.
Guy 1: See what happen when u allow niggers into that there white house? Letting the middle east and Asia walk over us, giving lazy assess food stamps, making me pay more in taxes cuz I make money. The first n last nigger president I bet cha.

Guy 2: You Down-South ass nigga get over yoself!
#northern #democrat #smart #racist #conceited
by Danny Mattherson January 31, 2014
A state struggling to keep the stereotypes of Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi away.
The truly country parts of Florida are the panhandle and central Florida, Northeast and South Florida may be cool.
Florida is also a state of political disbalance being presumed as a red state, Bush stole the election by rigging Floridian votes thus fuckin' the country up.
In short Florida is a "northern" state located in the south with the south rubbed in it.
Snow bird 1: Man I'm flying to Florida this weekend I know it's warm down there!
Snow bird 2: Winter in new England don't make no since.
#warm #humid #topless #beach #pleasant
by Danny Mattherson January 31, 2014
A cornball of a state that will never be capable of making up it's mind about it's weather or it's political views. Every one of their sports teams are garbage and other than Katt Williams (and look at him now) no celebrity from that state are even relevant. Retarded grasp of politics voting democrat one term then republic the next and so on.
In conclusion Ohio is a push-over state with decent heritage and qualities
Dude A: YO you heard? The Cavaliers loss to the Magics the MAGICS, man!

Dude B: Man I know, Ohio weak as shit now.
#ass #politics #whack #weather #sports
by Danny Mattherson February 11, 2014
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