4 definitions by Danny K Johnson

sock in which the male will release a load into and usually hide under his bed.
" mum have you seen my spunk socks? "
by Danny K Johnson June 23, 2006
when you go out on the town with no money and somehow manage to get so shit faced and high without spending a cent.
I went out last nite and chucked a "Ricky Nugget"
by Danny K Johnson July 02, 2006
1. Fighting for the front seat of the car

2. name of a Perth band.
they were sparring for shotgun and tommy got his eye busted up
by Danny K Johnson June 23, 2006
When some tries to impress a girl or group of girls, by saying something funny in order to receive attention, but ends up saying something stupid and looking like an idiot in front of his mates.

Or alternatively trying to come back with a quick response after someone made fun of you , and it being a really bad call.
imediate laughter from friends preceeds

" hey man you look like an idiot" "yeah well not as much as you" " hahhaa six pack of ladies"
by Danny K Johnson June 27, 2006

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