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An Inrection is the opposite on an erection. This means your penis actually inrects itself back into your body for safety reasons.
A) Being hit extremly hard in the genatal area will cause your penis to actually inrect (inrection) inside you body possibly puncturing some vital organs. B) Seeing the most hideous beast of a girl walk into a bar, can actually force your penis back inside your body to keep itself from being exposed. C) jumping into a very very cold body of water IE. "Pool, River, Ocean, Large puddle" can force your penis into shock and send it back inside your body for warmth and shelter.
by Danny Hunnewell October 15, 2006
A resident of Westchester, but not any citizen of Westchester, a dweller who lives in Westchester, eats in Westchester, doesn't leave Westchester, raises a family in Westchester, goes to the Lake Isle pool in Westchester, sends their kids to expensive private schools in Westchester, goes to bars in Westchester, first girlfriend/boyfriend is from Westchester, they live in a town that ends with Dale, Ville or Chester, their house takes up a city block in Westchester, they call a sandwich a wedge but only in Westchester, if its not kosher approved the business doesn't last in Westchester, if you lawn is not green and properly trimmed your not from Westchester, If you are not wearing a name brand you will be assumed to have moved into Westchester, they only eat organic foods in Westchester, the streets are always paved smooth in Westchester, and finally you will live and die in Westchester.
If you are reading this you are probably a Westchesterite.
by Danny Hunnewell January 08, 2008
A Scarsdalian is a put down, that describes your typical Scarsdale resident. Rich, Snobby, Stuck Up, Cheap, Nerdy and a Bitch.
Danny : "Hey check out that sick ride"
Mike : "wow the new porshe 911 turbo, whos driving it?
Scarsdalian : "hey kids you like my ride??"
Danny : "Yea awesome car"
Scarsdalian "Well guess what, you social inferiors can't come near it. An d if I see you in my neighborhood again i'm calling the police"
Danny : "what did you say you stuck up bitch"
Scarsdalian : "listen kids I dont want any trouble, heres a 50 dollar bill just dont hurt me"
Mike : "that what I thought douche bag now get back in ur car and get the fuck out of here before we key it!"
by Danny Hunnewell March 11, 2005

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