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noun- slang term for an environmentalist. Often used to deride such people
That bloody tree-hugging greenie poofter!
by Danny Dick March 21, 2005
(Aussie slang) A letoff is a fart

A fart is an emission on wind from the anus
Women letoff too*********
by Danny Dick August 06, 2006

1) Aggressive redneck dickheads with an IQ marginally higher than their temperatures. Queenslanders tend to consume a shitty beer called XXXX, follow an alien footy code called Rugby League, talk slowly in an annoying broad Aussie accent (how we used to talk 20 years ago- but then they are 20 years behind the rest of us), and say "ay" at the end of each sentence.
I'm a Queenslander ay! That's why I'm thick in the head ay!
by Danny Dick March 21, 2005
adjective, If something is "jew'd" it is stuffed-up, broken, in need of repair. Origins are uncertain but believed to have originated from Overnewton College in Melbourne, Australia
This computer is jew'd!
by Danny Dick March 20, 2005
adjective, A euphamism for pro-abortion. The belief held by many callous people that women have the right to "choose" to kill their baby as an alternative to it being born.

A politico-social movement of such people
I was a heartless prick so I decided to kill my neighbour because I was pro-choice and I had a right to choose.

A pro-choice rally was attended by many hard looking feminazis who actually needed heart transplants.
by Danny Dick May 07, 2005

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