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The KKK hate anyone who is Not a White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP). according to the KKK, these people are the true formed race, which everyone knows isnt true. KKK members hate other christian groups such as Catholics and Black Christians. They are the lowest group in society and try to prove themselves by being racist and acting like a bunch of wankers who have nothing better to do. When members die, it is said that they live the rest of their "eternal" life in hell, and do favours for the devil such as toss him off and give him anal sex
I am a WASP which means i must join the KKK therefore i am a wanker and the lowest person in society.
by Danny Bredders May 25, 2006
No, The KKK dont just go after non-christians. The KKK hate other christians such as Catholics, in a matter of fact they hate any one who is a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP), who are apparently the true superior race.
I'm a Wasp therefore i am a fucked up KKK Member.
by Danny Bredders May 25, 2006

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