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1. A specific area or region particularly renowned for its street crime, murder rate, and overall violence.

2. The condition resulting from being murdered or brutally stabbed/shot/beaten

3. The afterlife, where a street nigga goes when he dies from being stabbed/shot/beaten
1. Steve: "Aiyo did you hear about the drive-by in the 9th Street p-jects yesterday?!"

Geno: "Them niggas is ghetto, thats Murkville!!"

2. Steve: "Mike got mugged today son, homey's in the ICU right now"

Geno: "Snaaap nigga, dude got a one-way ticket to murkville!!!"

3. Steve: "Cain't believe its been a year since my boy Crooked Mike got bagged up by those Crips"

Geno: "No doubt nigga...RIP Mike, that nigga's drinkin a 40 and puffin a blunt right now in Murkville wit a big-tittied slut on his lap"
by Danny Da Street Nigga June 14, 2010
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